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Cobranding and made-to-measure creativity

We offer our creativity and the values contained in our singular universe to any kind of trademark, organization, NGOs or institution. Many of those who have availed of our service have managed to reinforce their brand image or strengthen their marketing promotions thanks to our creative know-how.

Kukuxumusu trademark contributes a high marketing value. Our principal guarantee lies in our thousands and thousands of fans.

TV commercial

The Image, packaging and production of a TV commercial in a marketing campaign for Fresón de Palos strawberries

Promotion Campaign

Campaign design, merchandising and packaging for the Kas soft drink brand, part of the PepsiCo group. The "La larga marcha" campaign and the "Estamos todos, lo tenemos todo"

Personalized Packaging

Exclusive Packaging for jars of Nesquik cocoa powder and an image for a marketing campaign

Tourist campaign

The image for a tourism marketing campaign for The Basque Regional Government, with the public entity, Basquetour

A book cover design

The design of a graphic image for the "Somos link" campaign and drawings for the book covers of the 1º y 3º ESO school courses for Edelvives publishing company

A Cell phone App and merchandising

The creation of marketing and development merchandising of the "EM Fighter" cell phone app for Spanish Multiple Sclerosis association

Uniform design

The design of uniforms for personnel working in the Spanish Pavilion at the Milan 2015 Universal Exhibition

Product for solidarity campaign

Design and creation of a product for the "Mochilas para conocer mundo" campaign, initiated by the Ayuda en Acción NGO

Awareness Campaign

Design of an awareness campaign to promote recycling made for the non-profit-making Ecovidrio firm

Stickers Design

The creation of stickers for Facebook Messenger instant message platform. The first Spanish firm to design stickers for Facebook

Merchandising marketing for The Red Cross
An annual T-shirt and other products for the "Marea naranja"
Personalized Textile Collection for the Lisbon Oceanarium

You are a...
trademark or some kind of institution and interested in our designs?

Through actions of “cobranding”, we can enhance your trademark with new values. We adapt our style and language to a concrete product, an event, a campaign, or whatever is required. We specialize in publicity or marketing campaigns, in the creation and development of a corporative identity, in audiovisual productions, in naming, packaging, merchandizing.

You are a...
non-profit-making organization and you wish to sell exclusive products with a Kukuxumusu design?

We can create made-to-measure products with our singular designs for NGOs, associations, institutions, or sports entities, etc., so that you can sell them as a means of providing an extra income source. We can advise you about the steps to be taken and we can see the whole process through: from the design to the manufacturing.

You are a...
museum or a theme park and you would like to sell your own collection with a Kukuxumusu design?

We can create mini textile collections and made-to-measure complements for museums, theme centers, attraction fairgrounds, oceanariums, zoos, etc… You can avail of a quality fun product to sell to your visitors, and at the same time, you reinforce your brand image and improve the standard of your stores.

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