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A Poster for the 20th Musiketan

The Kukuxumusu Drawing Factory once again designs the poster for the Musiketan music event, which, in this 20th edition, will also make a presentation of its program in Pamplona

The Drawing Factory has once again designed the poster for the annual Musiketan cycle of music. Now in its 20th edition, it will host a list of international music artistes in a wide range of styles including blues, country, folk, jazz or rock on a small scale. And this year the event will not only be exclusive to Bilbao as it will also have performances at the Baluarte Hall in Pamplona.

The logotype and poster designed by Kukuxumusu for this edition highlights the twentieth annivesary of the Musiketan as it shows a saxophone in the shape of the figure 20.

The cycle, which will take place from October through May, 2012, will be performed at the BBK hall in Bilbao and at the Baluarte Congress & Auditory Palace in Pamplona and it will include artistes such as: Peter Hammill, Elliott Murphy, China Crisis and Philip Cunningham & Aly Bain, among others.

Further information can be found at the web site of Musiketan.

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