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An app for iPhone for taking part in the bullrunning

Bullrunning Trainer includes advice, statistical information, a personal risk test and a novel simulator that allows you measure yourself against the bulls and to do some training to take part in the running of the bulls, no matter where you are located around the world

Pamplona City Hall and the Kukuxumusu firm have created "Bullrunning Trainer", an application for iPhone by means of which anyone can measure their fitness and speed against the bulls, just as if they were really running the bulls through the streets of Pamplona. In addition, there is a personalized risk index for determined conditions. A data base can be consulted with lots of information on previous running of the bulls gathered over the years that go back to 1980. Advice and recommendations on the safety of whether to run or not can be checked out here.

Access to the application is free to all and it can now be downloaded through App Store, the platform by which Apple distributes its applications for its mobile devices. It can be installed on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device and its content is available in three different languages - Spanish, Basque and English.

Bullrunning Trainer is an application aimed at the general public that aims to be informative, up-to-date and fun to use. On the one hand, its authors aim to inform and make people aware of the risks and peculiarities of the Pamplona running of the bulls. On the other hand, they aim to transmit the experience of the running of the bulls to people who have not yet had the chance to experience the Sanfermin fiestas or who might not be able to come in person to enjoy the event.

A "trainer" to prepare you for the running of the bulls
The most novel aspect of the application is the element of simulating the running of the bulls so that, no matter where you are located in the world, you can measure your capacity to run in front of the horns of the bulls, and in doing so, check to see if you are in the right physical condition to take part in the event.

The user should try to find a flat, open location and select from the menu in the application the kind of race he wants to take part in. once the run starts up, the system, by means of a GPS signal, simulates the distance between the runner and the bulls and this can be tracked at all times on the screen and from the acoustics and vibrations from the cell phone that holds the application.

The application allows you to select from five kinds of runs - from different stretches of the Pamplona running of the bulls (Santo Domingo, Mercaderes-Ayuntamiento, Estafeta 1, Estafeta 2 and Telefónica-Callejón), each of these stretches has a pre-determined distance. Furthermore, three levels of difficulty may be selected depending on the distance advantage that you had over the bulls when you started your run; 60, 40 or 20 meters.

The simulator measures the speed of the user against that of the bulls, depending on factors such as the breed or the weather, and the application compares in real time the distance covered by the user and the bulls to evaluate how the run is going and the distance between bulls and runner. In all cases, the system has programmed the speed on the basis of average real speeds covered by the bulls over these different stretches of the course, from the five posible choices that are available to the user.

The run can come to an end in three different ways. If the bulls catch up on the runner, or if the runner has pressed the "safety" button to make a safe exit, or if the whole length of the stretch has been successfully covered by the runner. Depending on the result, the system awards some points to the user and these can then be shared by the user with his friends and fans on the social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Once the run is over, as well as receiving points for his handling of the running, the user can check on his level of physical preparation for a real running of the bulls by watching the repetition of the simulated running of the bulls which he has just taken part in.

Guide, test and database
In addition to the simulator, the application offers three other sections of interest. First of all, there is a complete guide to the running of the bulls which offers some basic information, advice for those thinking of taking part and some curious facts about the running of the bulls itself.

It also contains a test that allows the user to calculate the risk index of suffering some mishap during the running, by taking into consideration some personal data and some general facts that could occur during the running of the bulls. As is the case with the simulator, the data drawn from the application can be shared through the social networks with others. This test is the result of a collaboration reached between Kukuxumusu and several professors from the Department of Statistics at the State University of Navarra (UPNA).

Finally, the application also contains a data base with information gathered from all the running of the bulls held since 1980. This data base permits searches to be carried out by writing in dates, days of the week, the number of injured runners on any one day or the breed of bull. This information will be updated in real time during these coming Sanfermin fiestas to provide information on the runnings of the bulls that will take place over those days.

This application, generated from an original idea in Kukuxumusu, has been developed by the trademark itself in collaboration with Pamplona City Hall. The design has been carried out by the Kukuxumusu tee shirt firm, while the programming itself was carried out by the Navarra firm, Lorem Solutions.

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