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Kukuxumusu designs stickers for Facebook

Facebook is offering Kukuxumusu drawings to the 1, 189 million users of this platform

Kukuxumusu has become one of the trademarks chosen by Facebook to design the stickers that this social network is offering through Facebook Messenger, its instantaneous message application. The collaboration between the two companies will mean that 1.189 million users can now use these first Facebook stickers to be designed in Spain, in their chats.

The pack created by Kukuxumusu for Facebook Messenger contains 40 stickers which feature four very recognizable characters from The Factory of Ideas and Drawings: a sheep, a wolf, a crocodile and a frog, all of them are shown in different situations and displaying a wide range of emotions.

Although initially the stickers were only going to be made available to Spain and Latin-American countries, the final upshot is that the social network has decided to offer them to Facebook users worldwide.

In this way, Kukuxumusu becomes the first brand from Spain to design stickers for Facebook and only the second from the Hispanic world, following in the steps of Colombian illustrator, Óscar Ospina. The Kukuxumusu characters join other well-known creations such as Snoopy, Candy Crush or The Minions from the movie "My favorite villain", and all of these are now available for free at the Sticker Store of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is an instantaneous messenger service integrated into the chat application of the social network which has been working successfully over the past couple of years. It has millions of users from all over the world and it can be used both from cell phones as well as computers which has meant that its use over these past months has multiplied exponentially.

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