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Best March photo

Los clones de Mis Tetis y Mr. Testis se llevarán el lote de productos de el mes de marzo

Inma and Fernando went to a carnival party in Puerto Real (Cadiz) and they certainly hit the nail on the head with their fancy dress costumes. They were inspired by two of our favorite characters - Mis Tetis, our cute cow and Mr.Testis, our blue bull. No easy task, ehhhh! It seems they pulled it off very well and a stack of people recognized the fancy dress characters and everyone wanted to have their photo taken with them." It was a great success" Inma, tells us and she was dressed up as Mis Tetis,

Success would seem to be the right word indeed, for not only did they have a great time on the day at the carnival, but they have also been declared the winners of the March Kukuxuplanet and as a result they have been awarded with a batch of Kukuxumusu products.

Heartiest Congratulations!

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