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New Collection from Kler and Kukuxumusu

The Drawing Factory and Kler have once again teamed up to launch a new collection of socks, underwear and pyjamas riddled with characters from Kukuxumusu, both for the boys and for the girls.

The tangas and panties, boxers, socks and pyjamas from this new collection have been invaded once again by some of the most diverse Kukuxumusu characters to have come off the production belt just recently at The Drawing Factory: Gato ratón, Bernabé, Apple man, Kateorratz, Mariposa, Oparia, Ovolution, 6 x 4, Pitikis, Kaput, Kitty, Cution, etc.

All these products are now available at all the official Kukuxumusu stores and in the Online shop.

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