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  • 07-04-2011

    We’re off to The Lhotse with Juanito Oiarzabal

    La Fábrica de Dibujos colabora con el alpinista vasco, en su proyecto de convertirse en la primera persona en ascender por segunda vez las catorce cimas más altas del planeta

  • 04-04-2011

    Best March photo

    Los clones de Mis Tetis y Mr. Testis se llevarán el lote de productos de el mes de marzo


Put on some summer gear with Kukuxumusu

The Drawing Factory presents its new 2011 Spring-Summer Collection, featuring new characters from the Kukuxumusu Universe. The garments come in a wide variety of colors and styles within an urban wear esthetics. So, put on some Kukuxumusu summer wear and dress in the latest fashion.


With the spring season just newly opened, the "flea" from The Drawing Factory comes up with a new garment collection from Kukuxumusu. There are colors for all tastes and the gear comes in short sleeves, straps, and other styles. There are lots of new drawings that fit into this urban wear esthetics that will allow you to stroll the summer streets with absolute confidence.

The girls have got a variety of feminine styles, with lots of colors to choose from and in soft fabrics that caress the skin. There are straps to fit all kinds of bodies and some delicate light cardigans for when the evenings turn a little cooler.

For the lads, there are a variety of bright printed tee shirts covered all over in drawings. There are lots of faded colors, interior stripes, Bermudas and sweat shirts that have a casual street-wise look. All the gear comes with new drawings full of cheeky characters with no holds barred from The Drawing Factory.

The collection is now available at the Kukuxumusu official stores as well as at nearly 1, 000 authorized outlets and at our Online Shop.

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