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  • Bullrunning Trainer

    Bullrunning Trainer

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Kukuxumusu displays Sanfermin to the whole world through different channels. If you use the social networks, you can find out all you need to know about the fiestas at www.twitter.com/sanferminonline or at www.facebook.com/sanfermin.encierros



Content for Smartphone

Kukuxumusu generates content for Iphone and Android right then and there as we do our thing and especially during the Sanfermin fiestas

At Kukuxumusu we generate specific content for Smartphone, and always with the criteria of making things as easy as posible for anyone who uses us so that our content can be enjoyed at any time and at any place. If you find yourself on the street without any computer near at hand, you can now check out our audiovisual content by way of Iphone or through Android. At m.kukuxumusu.tv and m.sanfermin.tv you can find a selection of the highlights from our television channels.

Sanferfin 2012
Enjoy the effects on Augmented Reality developed by Kukuxumusu and QR Invaders for Sanferfin The Last Party, the special Sanfermin 2012 tee shirt 

Sanfermin guide for iPhone and Android
For all the Sanfermin fanatics there is a free application for Iphone and Android, created from m.sanfermin.com, and in which you can find a guide to the most universal fiestas in the whole wide world.

Bullrunning Trainer
As long as another one for get fit for the bullrunning; the Bullrunning trainer. Bullrunning Trainer is a joint project between Pamplona City Hall and Kukuxumusu. With Bullrunning Trainer you can obtain the necessary information and training to allow you to run the famous Pamplona running of the bulls more confidently.

And for the iPad users there is special Sanfermin photography gallery (Sanferphoto), which includes the best pics of the festival, made with the collaboration of a lot of photographers.

And if you can't make it to Pamplona, don't worry - you can always live the fiesta from your cell phone. We will fill you in on the whole scene.

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