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Through our Bokart subsidiary company we do drawings for students groups, youth associations or small NGOs who want to sell tee shirts to make some dough for their projects or for their kalimotxo drinks. With companies we are not so lenient of course...).


Kukuxumusu does exclusive drawings for nearly everyone who requests it in www.bokart.com

At Kukuxumusu, as well as making drawings on just about anything that occurs to us, or what we see from our window, we also make drawings that have been commissioned by firms, institutions, cultural organizations, charitable associations, mountaineering expeditions, student groups, clubs, leisure parks, etc.

Having tee shirts or other articles designed by Kukuxumusu at a reasonable price is simple: get in touch with us, tell us your idea and our sketcher-designers will sizzle their brains to make you happy.

If you have just thought of an idea and you would like to try us out to see what we can come up with, check out the Bokart web page (www.bokart.com) as this is the filial company which manages these commissions, and find out all the details. And then you can let us know.

Gallery of commissions:

-Commercial       -Theme parks
-The media        -Public institutions
-Expeditions        -Human and ecologist associations
-Students             -Leisure, cultur and sport


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