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Drawings, drawings and drawings

There are no boundaries for the creations of Mikel Urmeneta and his team. Our drawings can appear on a pair of pajamas, a toilet seat cover, a bottle of wine, a mug, a helicopter, a motorbike or on just about anything else you can think of.

We are involved in lots of things, from clothes to accessories, but there is always a characteristic drawing at the core of all of this diversity. In addition, from a drawing you can also construct projects; a card-playing ‘muuuus' championship, a tee shirt alongside the Dalai Llama, or an Online party every time Sanfermin fiestas appear on the horizon.

In this way we continue to grow, on the basis of initiatives that start out from a drawing and that you never know how it will eventually end up. The list is by no means closed: the world is full of things to draw and there is a surplus of ideas...

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