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We also get tangled up with all kinds of projects for the Sanfermin fiestas. For example, an annual competition for the erotic photo of Sanfermin or the celebrations we have for "Jai Day" and "Guiri Day" as well as the selection of Sanfermin themes "Songfermin".

Doing what we like to do

At Kukuxumusu we get off on doing all kinds of cute projects – whether it be organizing a card-playing “Mus” championship or doing a drawing with the Dalai Llama.

One of the aspirations of Kukuxumusu and those who work for it is to do things that we like doing. That's why we never miss an opportunity to step off the carousel and - we love stepping off the carousel - and get stuck into some new adventure and project that interests us, keeps us happy and help serve as a stimulus to go on improving ourselves. They constitute some of those other things that Kukuxumusu does and which can sometimes be difficult to classify or foresee because maybe they don't seem to have much in common with other things we do. All these things have only one nexus in common: that we fancy the idea of doing them.

Sometimes, for example, we make proposals to well-known personalities in their field to design a tee shirt together, other times we decide to take up some new multi-media project because we like to keep up with the new technologies. From time to time we even organize events that seem like fun to us like a card-playing championship, make a musical video clip along with Pablo Carbonell and Bajo Ulloa that has the taste of a "Kalimotxo de mama" or have a tin model speaking at a conference and saying the same things that Mikel Urmeneta would say there.

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