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At Sanfermin.com we display the history of the Kukuxumusu tee shirts for Sanfermin. We also count down second by second the time remaining before the rocket goes off to announce the next Sanfermin fiestas at www.yafaltamenos.com

Kukuxumusu and Sanfermin

Ever since it came into being in 1989, Kukuxumusu has been creating its own particular party during Sanfermin.

Bulls charging about the streets, creating panic left right and center, drunks partying it up day and night or night and day, grandmothers and kids and just about every kind of folk who just want to eat, drink and be merry and to have a great time. Basically, that is what Kukuxumusu, along with some other things, is up to during Sanfermin. That's why we like it and that is how we started up, in between drinks, in the middle of the fiestas back in 1989.

Mikel, Koldo and Gonzalo made their first "torn" tee shirt, with a real hole in it and imitation blood. They sold some 500 tee shirts - enough to cover the drinking costs during the fiestas. They saw enough to realize that here was an atmosphere that could combine fun and business in a nice 50/50 balance. Over the following years Kukuxumusu has been lead, just like the fiestas themselves, by ideas such as craziness, universality, eccentricity, improvisation and, above all, fun. Right up to today.

If you want to have a snoop at all the groping we manage during Sanfermin fiestas, you can check out our web pages at Sanfermin.com and SanferminTV - the two fiestas sites that allow you to surf the fiestas without getting up from your chair. Have a look through our virtual second home and find out if, the fiestas can get you hooked the same way that they have hooked us. Or, even better, come to the fiestas yourself. We'll invite you to a kalimotxo drink.

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