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The videos from Kukuxumusu and Sanfermin can also be seen at our canals on YouTube - KukuxumusuTV  and SanferminTV. If you have a Iphone or a smartphone with Android,, don't miss the versions of m-kukuxumusu.tv and m.sanfermin.tv

Kukuxumusu TV and Sanfermin.tv

Two television channels on Internet that The Drawing Factory use for fun and frolics

Our restless awareness of the new technologies and our wish to communicate with others, brought us to the idea of opening Kukuxumusu TV in 2007. This television platform is on Internet and this is where Kukuxumusu shows videos for all kinds of tastes but with one single aim: to relate things in an amusing way.

The content of this television platform integrate in KukuxumusuTV and SanferminTV - two interactive televisions where the user has the last word about how, when and what they want to see from our ample offer of programs related to the Sanfermin fiestas and with what goes on from day to day in The Drawing Factory.

The platform allows videos to be inserted in other pages or blogs, download them on the IPod or send them out. There are all sorts of things going on, from the display of the latest Kukuxumusu tee shirt collections to the adventures of the blue bull, Mr. Testis, the Sanfermin running of the bulls or the diverse initiatives that come out of The Drawing Factory.

As you can see, at Kukuxumusu.com you can also enjoy audiovisual content, offered as a complementary item to the news and photos provided here. In this way we hope we are fulfilling our wishes of being a company that can communicate with its customers and clients and all its fans without necessarily having a great outlay of media equipment.

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