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Autoretrratos de Mikel Urmeneta en Nueva York

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    Pariente de Mikel

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The thousand faces of Mikel Urmeneta

He is a founder-member, creative director and he is also responsible for The Department of Ideas at Kukuxumusu

Nobody knows where he finds the time to fulfill his obligations, to draw, to take photos to film, to write, to travel, to discover, to get some drinking in and to have a good time. It is rumored that he has a twin brother who does all the dirty work, but there is no real proof of that, so his ability to be everywhere at all times is an enigma. What is a fact is that he is the soul of Kukuxumusu and the one who has put down the foundations of what the firm now is, aided by his two friends and founder-members, Gonzalo Domínguez de Bidaurreta and Koldo Aiestaran.

A staunch fan of big cities, of cement and carbon dioxide, he has set up his headquarters in New York, among other reasons because the Big Apple is a convenient base in order to get to other places. If anyone wishes to really be sure of meeting him in person, they should come to Iruñea/Pamplona from the 6th to the 15th of July. He never misses his annual rendezvous with the Sanfermin fiestas.

He defines himself as a poor drawer, a poor photographer, a poor writer, a poor worker and a worse lover, but he manages to make a success of everything that he sticks his nose into.

Kukuxumusu would be impossible to understand without Mikel Urmeneta, and Mikel Urmeneta is imposible to understand until you go out drinking with him.

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