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Mikel, Koldo y Gonzalo haciendo el idiota 2008

  • Mikel Urmeneta

    Mikel Urmeneta

  • Koldo Aiestaran

    Koldo Aiestaran

  • Gonzalo Dominguez de Bidaurreta

    Gonzalo Dominguez de Bidaurreta

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Kukuxumusu was the idea of three unwitting friends who did not know what they were getting themselves into back then in 1989.

A trip to Australia put them on the track about what was being done around the world. The rest was smooth running, sometimes a bit on the blind side, but smooth running. .

Gonzalo Domínguez de Bidaurreta (1964) was the first one to think of the idea of making tee shirts to sell in Sanfermin, because the ones being sold were "a load of crap". Now he is the one who looks after the accounts, the contracts, the taxes, the financing, the taxman...so maybe it was not such a great idea of his after all. Since those days he has lost a bit of hair on top and put on a bit of a beer belly.

Koldo Aiestaran (1966). With a well-set head on his shoulders (both physically and mentally) he knows how to put a bit of order to all the fun at Kukuxumusu. He got so serious that he even found time to marry and settle down and even have two little kids. He is a man who enjoys the countryside in the countryside. If he is not in the office, he is in the mountains, the river or the land. It's been quite a while now since he has ever seen a parking lot. He eats well with a good wine.

Mikel Urmeneta (1963) is chief jester at Kukuxumusu. Apart from being a founder-member of the firm he also works at being creative director and is the irresponsible source of most of the ideas in the firm. He lives betimes in NY, The Basque Country and Andalucía. He shares his time between Kukuxumusu and his many hobbies - partying, friends, photography, posters, wine, cinema, fooling around...etc.etc.-, so it is not easy to see how he manages to be successful in so many different fronts. He really digs his sushi, which would explain why, instead of hair, he looks like he is wearing a kind of stringy seaweed on his head.

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