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As one is what one does, you can learn all about the Kukuxumusu products at the section "What we do" and at our Online Shop. Don't forget to have a look at KukuxumusuTV. If you are a journalist from any of the communications media, you can find all that you need at the section "Press".

The Factory of Ideas and Drawings

Kukuxumusu enjoys itself coming up with crazy ideas and by drawing for tee shirts and other supports.

Even we ourselves don't quite know how to explain Kukuxumusu. We usually relate how the whole thing took off in Iruñea/Pamplona, back in1989, because the three founder-members of Kukuxumusu les had a liking for their wine. And, it's a fact that the money they made by selling their first tee shirts was all spent on drinking during the fiestas.

From then on things started spiraling and now it is not so easy to say exactly what we are. It all depends from what side you look at us. We could be one thing or the other thing. What we do know is that we enjoy doing.

If you think that we design tee shirts that we then sell in our different stores, on our multi-brand network and also on Internet, you would be right. If you heard tell that we also do commissioned work then you are also right. If you overheard that our drawings are sold in 98 countries on many different kinds of articles, such as umbrellas, satchels, cigarette papers, toilet seats, ore helicopters, you have hit the nail on the head.

What perhaps you don't know is that we dig the new technologies and that's why we created a television channel on internet. Or that in Sanfermin, in between drinks, we each year pay homage to some fun-loving foreigner who gets off on the Sanfermin fiestas. We also sponsor an erotic photo competition based on the fiestas and we also let loose a two-meter tall blue bull around the streets.

Or maybe nobody has ever told you that we once did a tee shirt in collaboration with the Dalai Lama. Or that we are perennially open to anything that occurs to us, or that more likely occurs to the restless and perturbed mind of Mikel Urmeneta, creator of the Kukuxumusu universe.

As you can see, we are made up of a stack of things that are difficult to classify, and another stack of things that have yet to come into being and which will surely be even more difficult to classify.
Just bear in mind that Kukuxumusu means many and varied things, generally fun things. Or at least that is what we are aiming for.

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