Children Fitted Short Sleeves T-shirt
37 cm
27 cm
40 cm
29 cm
43 cm
31 cm
46 cm
33 cm
49 cm
35 cm
Steps to follow in order to calculate your size:  

1 - With a measuring tape take a measure of the perimeter of your trunk, (also known as your thorax, or torso) at the height of your breasts. Should you be wearing an anorak , take it off. Please do not use a ruler to take the measures, as the results will not be trustworthy ;-)

2 - The result of these measures should be divided in two. This will give the width.

3 - Now take a measure of the length of your favorite T-shirt from the hem below up to the height of your shoulder or the end of the shoulder-strap. No !
That should be the neck height or the low neckline !

4 - Look on the table for the line with the width and height nearest to those measures you have taken. The size indicated on this line will be your size!

(*) Should you wish your belly-button to be seen and you do not possess a large chest, don't hesitate to ask for the M size for girls.

  IMPORTANT: All the T-shirts from the 2002 Kukuxumusu collection have been given "a pre-shrunk" treatment. In this way we guarantee that you will have no unpleasant surprises after washing, unless that is, you wash your garment at more than 80F, or do so in a pressure-oven along with your chick-peas ; )